Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Home Exchange to Mataro Spain

Hola from sunny Spain. We arrived yesterday in the midst of the town's annual fete. Last night we danced in the town square with all the families, teenagers and little old couples, the older ladies fluttering their fans. White lights crisscrossed the square and a 10 piece brass band played everything from ABBA to Spanish National songs. The singers wore flamenco gowns then switched to ball gowns then sequined dresses. The square was packed and the genteel older couples tangoed, waltzed and pasodobled (think bullfight music) with a wonderful mix of dignity and frivolity.237

J danced with a charming Spanish girl most of the evening, until we headed back to our apartment at 2am , (the dancing started at midnight and went until at 4am.) 244

Its warm here but not unbearable (unlike Seattle 100!) and the nights are balmy. The clock just struck midnight (we can hear the church bells chime from here) and now there are fireworks above town! OMG I love this place!   I can hear people laughing and talking through our open French doors.  We really can't believe our luck.

We're in Mataro an authentic, charming seaside town. It's off the tourist maps  and we feel like we're really seeing Spanish life.

This is our first trip to Spain and I never thought I'd find a country I like as much as France but so far Spain has delighted us. Keep watch on this blog as we’ll be posting a pic a day.168

Lemons growing on our terrace.

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trinamiller said...

Sounds like you arrived safe and what a wonderful way to kick things off...with a fiesta! I found your blog via your website, which I had not visited in awhile and have thoroughly enjoyed reading your entries. I still think you should do something with you writing...BUT the cookbook idea looks like it has great potential as well. The desriptions are not only informative but also very interesting.
Enjoy your time in Espagne and can't wait to hear about it!
XO Trina