Friday, April 16, 2010

Farm Fresh

The corner of my parent’s vegetable garden has, for as long as I can remember, been home to a venerable old rhubarb plant.  When I was small, I’d sneak some, choosing the smaller stalks so my mom wouldn’t notice.  She never called me on it but I got a few helpful discussions about removing the poisonous leaves to the compost bin, so I’m pretty sure she was onto me. 

lizzie's arugula 002

Today I found Elizabeth in the greenhouse harvesting arugula.  We’d planted it together a month or so ago and it’s hers, but still she froze in that sort of “am I allowed to do this?” way that children do when they explore and adventure on their own.  Her plants are strong and healthy and I told her so and offered to get her a bowl to contain her harvest.  A few minutes later we sat side by side on the deck eating arugula fresh from my 4 year-old’s garden.

lizzie's arugula 006

It was heaven.

So, I realize that not only did my mom know what I was up to in the rhubarb patch, it made her happy.  And that makes me happy.  So I guess I could say that rhubarb makes me happy.  Whenever I see it, I’m reminded of those sunny spring mornings when I’d raid the garden and to this day I’m especially fond of rhubarb jam and rhubarb pie. 

On Saturday the Bainbridge Island Farmer’s market opened with music, a dog and pony (miniature horse to be specific) show, and loads of island grown produce, bread, jam, and plants.  I bought two beautiful lilac trees; gray with lichen, farm fresh eggs,  plants for my vegetable garden and two pounds of rhubarb.

I roasted the rhubarb with wine and sugar and a vanilla bean using this recipe from Molly at Orangette.   Hollind made this at our last food Friday and it’s so delicious I had to have a batch for myself.  Molly’s recipe makes enough filling for four mini-pies.

 mini pies 040

Elizabeth and I have a date to plant lettuce and sorrel now, she’s waiting for me in the garden.

See you tomorrow at the Bainbridge Island Farmer’s Market.


El said...

How wonderful. Such beautiful photos. Elizabeth is a lucky girl!

sandraj said...

It,s nice to know You Still love Rhubarb. We still have some of the same plants and I got some from My cousin Don 2 years ago. I love Rhubarb pie also.

Mustang Sally said...

My container salad "mix" lettuce is about high enough to eat now, too. Last night I picked & ate a leaf, and Duncan (the picky anti-veg head) asked if he could try it, too. !!! Then he said "YUM, I Love it!!!" and ate two more.

I went inside to do my happy dance. If I'm too gleeful he rebels on principle.

Katie Zeller said...

I always had a little 4' square patch, hidden behind the garage, for my very own garden when I was a little girl - right next to the rhubarb. I loved the radishes - they came up so quickly LOL

Anonymous said...

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