Saturday, September 18, 2010

Country Pate

barn party 007 

This was the first course served at the French Country Barn dinner…This Jacques Pepin recipe seems to me, a neophyte from and island in the Pacific Northwest, to be VERY authentic.  It uses veal, pork, country ham and chicken livers.  Layer them in, so a design shows when sliced.  The green bits are pistachios.


barn bday parth 041  barn bday parth 046

Now, don’t expect too much from this dish that you marinated overnight then lovingly squished between your nimble fingers to mix.  Tell your guests in advance that you’re about to serve the FRENCH COUNTRY PATE…DO NOT try to surprise them with your brilliant cooking and presentation for they will be under whelmed when you present them with:  SPAM!

barn bday parth 061

Or meatloaf if your crowd is more upscale than mine.


Another word…don’t run to the grocery store while this gently cooks in a water bath and expect your husband to know what to do when the timer dings.  He may just look in the oven, see the complicated water bath set up and wonder why there’s a moat around the meatloaf.  He’ll turn off the oven and walk away…(without removing your masterpiece!).  DO NOT let this happen to you for your pate will be shriveled and sad with every ounce of fat rendered in a disgusting pool around it.  The point of the water bath is to warm the meat  slowly so that the fatty bits melt in your mouth, not in the pan.  Try not to cry if this happen and resolve in the grand tradition of Julia Child to serve it anyway with no apologies. 


barn bday parth 051 Your pate should NOT look like this.  But if it does, scrape the fat and save it so sear beef for bourguignon and serve the pate’ anyway.  Your champagne drinking croquet playing guests love you anyway.

barn party 046

Usually I add a link to the recipe but this one came from a book at the library (they have a huge cookbook selection!) and I forgot to make a copy.  This one from Molly at Orangette looks very good.


This would be a great appetizer for a holiday party.  I know! Too soon to be planning for the cold, dark days of winter but hearty, savory stick to your ribs food makes it almost bearable.



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