Monday, September 7, 2009

BBA Bread #3 Focaccia and Smoked Chicken

focaccia 232

I skipped ahead in the BBA Challenge to Focaccia because I had poolish leftover from the Greek Celebration Bread and wanted to use it before it went bad.  Rich and salty with a fine crumb, this is the bread you make while watching Under the Tuscan Sun.   The scent of roasted garlic and rosemary wafting through your house will transport you to a sunny Italian piazza, perhaps a dark Italian count will join you there and you’ll be swept off your feet to his romantic palazzo in Portofino…but I digress.

My own tall, dark and handsome did a bit of grilling yesterday with spectacular results.   His brined smoked chicken with grilled peaches paired beautifully with a bottle of Eleven Winery’s Sauvignon Blanc that I helped to bottle last week.  Brining the chicken resulted in a moist bird with silky, flavorful meat.  Grilling the peaches brought out their natural sweetness and the hint of char complimented the smoke flavor in the chicken.  (Grilling peaches is just about the easiest thing in the world:  Cut in half, removed the pit, lightly oil and grill three minutes on each side.)

The sweet and savory combo is a sure winner; (think pork chops and applesauce).  And, I can heartily recommend Eleven’s Sauvignon Blanc for its light fruity flavor and hint of summer fruit.

My week in review:

bread and wine making 209

Bottling Wine

bread and wine making 175

Crabbing but we only caught a sea star which we put back.


first day of school 110

First day of School (sniff)

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