Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Blackberry Sorbet Champagne “The Cadaques”

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The Cadaques Drink

A few weeks ago I picked limes in the Spanish sunshine and vowed to create a drink that captured the moment.  Named for Cadaques a charming fishing village on Spain’s Costa Brava and an elegant courtyard we found there.   What better setting than Food Friday for its debut?

The Cadaques

serves 6

1/2 cup sugar

1 cup  blackberries

One bottle Cava or any sparking white wine

Juice from one lime

6 Kaffir Lime leaves

For sugar rim:

1/3 cup sugar (large crystal decorator sugar works well)

1-2 fresh blackberries


To make sugar for rim place 1/3 cup sugar in a bowl and smash one or two blackberries into the sugar until it becomes a consistent color then dip glass into sugar.

To make the drink:  Puree berries and sugar together in food processor or blender and place in freezer.  Once frozen, scrape with tines of fork to make sorbet.  Divide sorbet between 6 fluted glasses using a melon baller for pretty scoops. Fill 3/4 full with chilled cava add 1 teaspoon of lime juice to each glass and garnish with Kaffir  lime leaves.

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