Monday, November 30, 2009

Aunt Sharron’s Visit

Aunt Sharron arrived today, hidden behind two massive white teddy bears.  Each bear transported a special hug from Great Grandma Lorine, down south in Portland. 

Before leaving Portland Aunt S. cashed in on a buck-a-bag close out of seasonal, locally grown produce and this week’s challenge is to eat it all.  So far, we’re thinking of apple pie filling and butternut squash soup. The kiwi fruit are from my grandma’s backyard and the basket in the last picture is filled with a vast selection of teas from Firefox teas in Portland, including my favorite Wuyi blend (especially fine with a piece of Cost Plus Dark Chocolate with sea salt).  They’re a neat young couple making their business work and they’re always great, according to Aunt Sharron.  We’ll be making our way to Churchmouse yarn and tea room here on the island so I can return her generosity and send her home with Bainbridge’s best.

Veni has suggested Food Friday Challenge where we cook only with supplies on hand.  I love this idea with Aunt Sharon our guest cook and am looking forward to emptying out the freezer and pantry. 

How about I post a list of my ingredients and you all can tell me what to make?

aunt sharron's visit 108

aunt sharron's visit 115








aunt sharron's visit 112

tea and veggies 016








Must go, have lots of sewing, cooking, chatting and tea drinking to attend to. Cheers!


sandraj said...

What are the Girls going to do with the Teddy Bears.

carla said...

They dressed them up in tutu's and danced. They're currently holding a place of honor on each one's bed.