Monday, December 14, 2009

Oh… Fudge!

One must have stunning failures before achieving great success. 

I think I ruined a perfectly nice All Clad Stainless steel pan this afternoon.  My mom’s “foolproof” fudge recipe turned to carbon before my eyes and super-glued itself to my pan.  The house smells like burned marshmallows and I wince each time I approach the kitchen sink and the charred remains.

Guess I’ll finish the dishes tomorrow.

Does anyone have a foolproof fudge recipe?


sandraj said...

I,m so sorry. Did You stir it the whole time. If You put coment cleasner on the pan maybe it will come. clean.

Cathy (Bread Experience) said...

What a bummer! I hate it when that happens. I hope you were able to get your pan clean.

Mustang Sally said...

1) go to farmer's market/ Deli/ Christmas Bazaar/ candy store/ coffee shop
2) find candy seller
3) taste fudge
4) buy fudge

foolproof. But that's my foolproof recipe for everything.

I think Mom always made the one off the Kraft marshmallow Creme can:

As I recall there wasn't much opportunity to burn the marshmallow because you added it (with the chocolate) *after* you removed the pan from heat and immediately pour after it melts. You could scald the sugar/milk/butter concoction while boiling but not if you don't step away.

You can microwave instead then never have to worry about ruining a pan.

Anonymous said...

This sounds kinda like when my older sister was supposed to teach me how to make fudge...