Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Spain Day 15 Gaudi Afternoon

We went to see some of Gaudi’s most famous buildings and …wow. The Sagrada Familia pretty much defies description (but I’ll try). Just about everything in the cathedral results from Gaudi’s nature studies. The massive supports are tree trunks and the star shaped ceiling a canopy of leaves, grids are honeycombs and spires are lavender wands. The cathedral is still under construction.

It’s hard to get a good photo, it’s covered in scaffolding and access to most of the interior is blocked so the masons and architects and others can work.

Barcelona day 083

Looking up. See the branches and tree tops?

Barcelona day 070

This is what you see as you approach the cathedral. These spires are topped by the emblem of Barcelona. The lavender spires are on another side.

Casa Mila (lLa Pedrera)

The lines were so long at Casa Mila that we didn’t go inside. From the outside Casa Mila looks like the perfect home for Dracula with weird black balconies melting in the sun.Barcelona day 065

After a morning of Gaudi we needed some frivolity so the whole family took a ride on this:

Barcelona day 107 That’s little E about thirty feet up.

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sandraj said...

Lizzy looks like She is injoying Herself. Brave little girl.