Saturday, August 15, 2009

Spain Day 18 Melindros and Chocolate

Tibadabo and Melindros 181

I learned about melindros from another blogger The Amateur Gourmet who just returned from Barcelona and dinner at El Bulli the best restaurant in the world.  He recommends melindros and chocolate so when I took my morning stroll and saw that the patisserie three doors down had re-opened following August vacation I stepped inside.

Melindros are a cross between pound cake and bread, mildly sweet with enough oomph to stand up to being dipped in hot pudding. 

Tibadabo and Melindros 185

Tibadabo and Melindros 176

Spanish hot chocolate is spooned not sipped.  The consistency is that of pudding and it’s very hot.    Swirl your spoon and it settles languidly against the side of the insulated glass, steam rising. 

To make this at home I’d probably just melt a big bunch of semi-sweet chocolate chips and call it good.  That’s how rich and chocolaty it is.

Tibadabo and Melindros 186

The insulated glass is like two glasses in one.  An inner glass holds the drink, an air pocket  separates it from the outer glass.

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