Thursday, August 13, 2009

Spain Day 16 Pintxos

Pintxos: Basque style tapas from Spain’s northern regions. Small open faced sandwiches made from local ingredients. Order a mixed plate or select your favorites from the counter. Can’t wait to get home and have tapas party. Want to join us?







Smoked Salmon Pintxos

Slice a baguette at an angle in 1/2 inch widths.

Moisten with olive oil

Top with slices of tomato and boiled egg

Top egg/tomato with Lox

Spread with teaspoon of aioli with chopped capers. (you can use the aioli recipe I posted last week and leave out the garlic and add capers to taste.)

Garnish with capers and an olive.


sandraj said...

I,m in for lunch. You really need to do a cook book, pictures and all

Unknown said...

Oh yes we are in. Hopefully your mom and Dad will be there too.

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