Sunday, January 24, 2010

Food Friday

We haven’t totally abandoned our original mission to cook Friday night’s dinner together but we’ve found it’s much more fun to drink wine over a three hour lunch and order a pizza for dinner.
french onion soup 096
We had quite a lot to discuss so we called it a planning meeting and set to work.  First, we’ve agreed that no one watches Julie and Julia until we can pick a date for a big screen viewing at Veni’s house.  We shall make bouillabaisse and I get to be Julia with the meat cleaver a la her 1971 The French Chef bouillabaisse episode.
Next we had to re-commit to our surfing/cooking weekend with EVOO Cooking school and women’s surf camp in Cannon Beach.  Some husbands have suggested that we’re too wimpy to willingly submerge ourselves in water so cold but they’re wrong.  Just to prove it, we’ve agreed to celebrate Chinese New Year which coincides with Valentine’s day and a full moon by jumping into Port Madison.  Take THAT ye of little faith.
We set the menu for our next wine society meeting with Eagle Harbor Wine Company.  We refuse to be intimidated by winemaker Hugh Remash who is a sommelier in two countries and his wife a professional chef, both of whom will be joining us on Feb 6th (um, okay we’re a bit intimidated).  Elaine is making beef bourguignon; she speaks fluent French thus I am confident she’ll do us proud. 
Jeff from Harbor Square Wine Shop made a great recommendation when he paired a 2008 Poet’s Leap Riesling (Walla Walla, WA) with spicy butternut squash soup with cilantro.  Veni whipped up a heart of palm salad with hibiscus flowers and balsamic syrup and Hollind wowed us with peppermint bark.
french onion soup 109
May your New Year be filled with three hour lunches.

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El said...

Glad to hear you're having fun. The peppermint bark looks great.