Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Weekend Getaway: Downtown Seattle

Before Bainbridge Island, before kids (BK) we called a Pike Place condo home.   We spent our anniversary weekend visiting our old haunts and strolling memory lane:

The Virginia Inn is my new Seattle meet up place (sorry Zig Zag!).  Freshly expanded and sporting their own kitchen they make the best pate I have ever tasted (you will not be satisfied with just one order)…the duck sausage is also worth the trip.  Lovely staff and old Seattle ambiance.  A must visit next time you’re in town.  Happy hour 4-6pm.

A few steps down the street from the Virginia Inn is Le Pichet.  I’ve just about perfected my eggs Le Pichet.  While you’re waiting for me to fine tune the recipe, stop in yourself for a glass of champagne and  oeufs plats, jambon et fromage (Two eggs broiled with ham and gruyère).  Still one of my favorite lunches.

Happy hour at Cutters now lasts all day!! Fresh sushi prepared by our friend Tom Toyama at Cutter’s Sea Bar.  Sweet and juicy pan fried oysters, crisp on the outside and succulently briny inside.  Hot crab and artichoke dip, delicious as usual…all mojitos 6 bucks!

The Zig Zag Cafe, nestled on the Hillclimb steps is known for its innovative cocktails.  This was my fav meet up place for many years and BFF Lisa and I logged a lot of happy hours and French 75’s here.  Hard to find but worth the effort. 

The next time you visit The Brooklyn pause a second in the breezeway between the inner and outer doors…if you feel an overwhelming desire to kiss the one you’re with, it’s because that’s where my TDH (Tall dark and Handsome) proposed and that space is forever infused with romance.  After that order a dozen kumamotos and a basil gimlet.

If you love beautiful clothes, get to Nordstrom's today.  Lured by racks and racks of sale items, I ventured into Designers (second floor; top of escalator).  Every girl needs a Missoni…Get yours on a 75% mark down with an additional 15% on Wednesday (tomorrow!)… Go!  Also, they’ve done something magical to skinny jeans and if you want to look taller and thinner than you actually are (who doesn’t) try some on. 

So many great restaurants, so many wonderful shops…there’s no way to see them all.  If you have a fav shop or restaurant downtown I’d love to know about it. 

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Unknown said...

Oh Carla, how did I miss this post over week ago! My mouth is watering as I type and I'm ready to book a hotel just to go to every one of those delicious haunts you mentioned. All of which, once upon a time, I haunted too. Thank you for taking the 'good things in life' and shining such a brilliant light on them.