Monday, January 4, 2010

New Year Predictions

We celebrated our anniversary with a Seattle weekend escape in swanky digs overlooking the Pike Place Market. More about that tomorrow.  Sunday morning while sipping freshly squeezed orange juice contemplating the end of our lovely, romantic food-filled weekend I asked myself…what’s next?  Here’s what I answered:

My New Year’s predictions:

  1. The rise of the Gimlet.  The Brooklyn makes a basil infused gimlet with chipotle that will rock your world.  The moment BFF Lisa and I tasted it we high fived and announced our new favorite drink.  (This supplants the Zig Zag Cafe’s French 75 discovered by us in 2003.)  I have the recipe and will make it for anyone who wants to come to my house and drink it with me.
  2. Return of the roast:  Put  a roast in the oven and let it do all the work while you paint your toenails.  It exudes fantastic cooking smells while you primp for company and you both emerge for dinner looking like a million bucks. Roast chicken on croutons with lemon is my now fav. :  I’ve served it twice to company and both asked for the recipe.  On a practical level, roasts tend to be less expensive than single cuts and go further as leftovers (think French dip, chicken pot pie, warm pork sandwiches).
  3. More stuff with these ingredients:  Grainy French mustard, cocoa nibs, fennel.  These ingredients interest me and thus I suspect will interest others.  I base this on all those other times I thought I was the onto something really cool only to  learn that everyone else is way ahead of me.
  4. Quilting.  Yep.  The Quilting Borg have sucked me in.  I figure if I’ve succumbed there must be some cosmic force making us need a rotary cutter and learn about stripping.  (That and my inability to throw anything away; what better way to recycle my daughters’ crib bedding, their first flannel nighties and the frilly little dresses they’ve outgrown? ) I vow to finish it before they’ve moved out.

Mercifully, that’s all. 

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Great tips, the young people should look at this:)